I was feeling extra nostalgic today as I was browsing through my camera looking at images I had captured on a trip with my girls to Sun City. I remenisced on the fun that was had, although I feel the trip could’ve been even more better if one of us had won at the casino. So much for beginners luck! Nonetheless it felt really awesome bonding with them after not having seen each other in so long. 
As i continued browsing through the images an interesting post i read recently from the blog Palateport popped into my mind. It was titled 7 friends you should never go on a trip with. Reading it I couldnt help but laugh because several individuals i know kept popping into mind, some whom actually happen to be close friends and family. They’re absolutely the worst people to go on trips with. Looking back however at my Sun City trip with my girls I can attest that as much as friends can be such a mood kill. They can still make life a little more interesting and fun. Especially if you can call them out on their crap and tell them to live a little!

Here’s why:


As we grow older relationships with friends tend to take on strain. People get busy and don’t exactly have much time to do all that they used to do in high school or varsity. Even though you can keep in touch through phone calls, you still tend to miss out on so much from each others lives. Luckily travelling together gives you a chance to catch up on the latest while creating more memories. The convo is also so much better as its on a much more personal level and you get to learn aspects of each others personality in much more detail than a phone call could ever disclose. Such as to what extreme their fun crazy side is, if they’re moody etc. It’s the truest test of friendship


Going on a solo trip Is great because you don’t have to worry about anybody ruining your good vibes on a great trip, however there’s always that concern about safety. If you have your friends around you know that you’ll have each others back and that they would take a bullet for you. Well in the leg atleast…


We all love selfies because of the full control they provide of how the picture turns out. You know like ensuring you capture your good side and your duck lips are just pouted about right. The problem comes in when you want a full body pic that captures the view and the way the wind blows against your weave.


Travelling has a way of catching up with your budget especially if you havent planned it out efficiently. With friends around you are able to cut down on so many costs like transport, accommodation or even food as these can easily be split amongst each other


On my last trip I had forgotten to purchase sunscreen and the sun in the Rusternberg was just ridiculous. That issue quickly became eradicated as my friend had packed hers and allowed me to use it. Think about all those times you had also forgotten to pack something and a friend came to the rescue

So don’t absolutely rule out your friends from trips unless they’re the type that completely suck the life out of you. In that case maybe you need new friends. With that said tell me about a trip you once took with your friends before. Was it as great as you thought it would be or were they so much of a mood kill?

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  1. I travelled with my best friend this summer and it was honestly one of the best times of my life! We made many memories and it was a great way to spend time with each other before she went off to uni in a completely different part of the country. Couldn’t agree more with everything in this post 🙂

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  2. This post just brought back memories from a trip I had with girl friends recently. It is quite an experience traveling with friends. Priceless memories! Personally I think it adds more to a trip when I’m with friends as opposed to travelling alone. The perks of having your personal company and experiencing different new things as well as being there for each other in oh so many ways.


  3. I’ve had some amazing trips with friends. They tend to include a lot of insane laughing. I’m also a lover of solo travel, but I’m so glad for friend trips. My friends have always turned out to be horrible photographers. I end up taking hundreds of pics and video of them and it hardly looks like I was even there, lol, so I’m just in it for the adventure. 🙂

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