Early this morning contemplating on my life. The city didnt feel the same anymore. A lot has changed. Everything that used to excite me, keep me going and make me look forward to a new day no longer had the same effect it had anymore. School has closed so that means my life has basically become routine since I’m unemployed and don’t have much to do (maybe I should’ve just considered the job offer). Then there are my friends at school. I might never see some of them again, especially since its our final year and we’re all about to embark on new different journeys of our lifes. People claim they wont be strangers but when life gets in the way lets be real, we are bound to forget about each other. This morning when I woke up the city no longer felt the same so I packed my bags and left everything behind.

“Change is not meant to be easy”. I’m sure we’ve all heard that before somewhere. Sometimes it feels great, blissful like a second chance to get something right. But it can also feel like DEATH. Like a huge part of you is getting left behind and there just isn’t anyway that you can carry on without it. Though one thing we don’t realise about change is that its all up to us. Its all up to us to decide how we handle it. We can see the good that’ll come from it or decide to cling onto old memories instead of creating new ones.

The city may not feel the same anymore but that’s all part of ‘my’ change. I mean If change was not constant, we’d all be stuck in the same rut of thinking and doing things. So i can sit around feeling nostalgic or I can accept that things arent the same anymore. With the plans that i have for my future I’d much rather set my eyes on tomorrow and embrace the change. It’s time to trust the process and focus on the possibilities of tomorrow.

What changes in your life are you hating right now? Tell me about them…


5 thoughts on “Changes”

  1. Looks like I’m at the other end of the spectrum. My working life is coming to a close and I now ponder what to do with the remaining years. Time to reinvent myself and embrace my city. Life always goes on, that’s what it is all about. When one door closes another will open. Sometimes you just need to hunt for it.

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    1. It feels very comforting knowing that I’m not going through this cycle of change alone. We’ve got no choice but to embrace the change and reinvent ourselves for what’s to come. Thank you so much for your words of encouragement


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