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Aronia Day Spa Review

It has been four days into the new month and i cant help but feel somewhat sad that the month of April has come to an end. Besides the fact that it was my birthday month, i got to do and discover so many amazing things. Talk about entering into the new chapter of my life with a whole new perspective. One of the few amazing things I got to do besides the horse riding experience (which I shared in my previous post) was that I got the opportunity to visit a very luxurious spa in Houghton, Johannesburg for my birthday.

Upon arrival we were met by a friendly lady who told us to wait at reception for our masseuse who introduced herself and told us more about the day spa. She was very lovely and professional, it was too hard not to like her. After changing into our robes we were led to the relaxation lounging area where we had to fill out a form that would help inform them more about our problem areas. The place really exceeded my expectation. Its clean with modern day architecture and a little garden where the masseuse said they grew their herbs. The patio overlooks a pool area and lounging area where you can reflect, relax and enjoy the view and refreshments that come included in your massage package.

Just as i thought the ambience of the place was the epitome of heaven, my therapist topped up the experience with a massage of a lifetime. The therapists are really very well trained. They ensure that you are comfortable and ask about your problem areas so they know exactly what they need to focus on. To be honest when my therapist asked about my problem areas i expected her to spend 5mins on them and move on to other areas. To my suprise she took her time, using different massaging techniques and pressure. Its as if she knew exactly what each part of my body needed. I believe at some point i may have actually drifted to heaven and back, as if I’m not already in heaven.

After the massage the therapist leaves you for a few minutes, I’m guessing to allow you to recollect yourself and then a shot of berry juice is offered. It was said to flush out the toxins in our body and give us a boost. I found this to be really unique to Aronia as none of the massage parlours I’ve been to before offered such. The place also offers a Jacuzzi and steam room which are both complimentary to use when you book for a treatment, unfortunately I couldn’t make use of it as they were soon to close for the day. Aronia day spa offered me the best massage experience I have ever had.

Especially if i compare them to those I have had in the past. And it made a huge difference to how my body felt afterwards.

Tell me about your best spa treatment experience. I’d love to hear about it.


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