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RIDE OUT WITH ARIZONA: My horse riding experience 

One of my goals for 2017 was that I would get out of my comfort zone. Do things I have never done before instead of watching life pass me by. One of the reasons why I decided to finally start this blog. I mean how many times have you scrolled through your instagram watching peoples feeds of them post beautiful images about how they live their lives or even heard others share stories about the amazing places they have been in their lifetime. I don’t know about you but I also want to have a story to tell…

Horses have always been a huge fascination of mine. I find them to be such majestic creatures. Besides their strong, firm built I find their intelligent capabilities to be so intriguing. So its of no suprise that I decided to go horse riding as it’s one of the few things I have never done before. It was actually something that had been on my bucket list so i finally took the initiative to do it.

We drove about 15 minutes into a secluded farm place before we could get to our location, SA Horse trails. The place stretched out into the horizon with breathtaking views of grasslands and sweet sounds of mother nature, which would be disturbed now and again by the sounds of cars passing by in the far distance.

I must say i was quite nervous when we got to the reception. I’ve never been on a horse before so you can imagine all the mixed emotions i had. Even the bathroom break I took to try buy time didn’t help calm my nerves. Anyway our horse instructor Sam, or atleast that’s what i remember his name being took his time to prep us for the trail. As i was on top of the prototype horse and he prepared us on what to do on the trail, the build up on my nerves got worse. I kept thinking “oh my gosh, what if i fall off” or “what if I get too carried away and did like the cowboys do on some giddy up horsey”. I mean how would I stop Arizona from moving as I had already forgotten what i needed to do in order to slow her down. I know what you’re thinking. That I just had to relax, it’s not like I’m about to bunjee jump right. Well thing is I always get overly neverous when I’m about to do something new. Luckily that emotion faded as soon as we rode along our trail. Our guide made sure we were comfortable and encouraged us to ride faster if we wanted to, but my fears of falling off wouldn’t allow me to risk it. As for Arizona, she was a very beautiful obedient horse. She farted a lot though…

Our trail was 2 hours long with a wonderful scenery that included walking through long grasslands and crossing over streams of water. Its really amazing what these majestic creatures can do. Along the way we came across a picnic setup under a shady tree with champagne. I honestly felt like more could’ve been done with the picnic setup. It was as if no effort was put into the set up at all. They didnt even bother to provide us with champagne glassses. We literally had to be hood and drink straight from the bottle. Overall the view and riding experience made up for everything.

What first time experiences do you have. I’d love to hear all about them so please, do comment and share below…



9 thoughts on “RIDE OUT WITH ARIZONA: My horse riding experience ”

  1. Giiiirl!!! That seems super fun to do, I'm assuming you did with your partner as you did the picnic, is it possible for me to tell them that I need a fully fledged romantic picnic? Judging from your photos my first experience would be having sex in that veld. So please tell me where this place is?


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